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Electricity Saver Card (ESC™)



ESC™ Advantages :

  • A state-of-the art new generation electricity saving solution by Quantum Physics.
  • Breakthrough technology from German.
  • 100% legal and fully compliant with safety standards.
  • Space saving and easy installation (just stick & save)
  • No plug, no alteration to DB box • No harm to existing wiring • No electrical interference
  • No electronic components thus do not require electricity to operate.
  • Hassle-free: No additional service fees because is totally maintenance free.
  • Reduces wastage and save electricity bill consistently.
  • Increase efficiency & power factor. Increase productivity.
  • Extend life span of electrical equipment.
  • Reduces E-Smog technology to protect from harmful electromagnetic radiation.
  • Highly effective and suitable for homes, offices, factories, supermarkets, hotels and etc.
  • Affordable and competitive prices.
  • 1-year manufacturing defect warranty.

DID YOU KNOW? It has been known for a long time that there is excess electricity feeding into every household, commercial building and to industries, which are already recorded by the meter and bills. Whether you use or do not use this excess electricity, you have been billed.

Electricity Saver Card (ESC™) is an electricity saving card embedded with universal life force energy. As the human body speeds metabolism when blood flow is improved, the absorbed rotating electromagnetic waves advance free electron flow. They convert the reactive power wasted by electrical resistance into active power to improve current level and reduce the resistance inside the cable. This results in an outstanding power saving effect.

More than 95% of existing power savers in the market apply the voltage adjustment system but may causes critical damage to the sensitive machinery by shortage of voltage decreases the torque. Beside this, the voltage dropping system will lowers the illumination of the lighting and it is generally not welcomed for commercial use like hotel and supermarket where atmospheric lighting is very important. ESC™ is the incredibly perfect solution for this matter.

It minimizes KwH which is the criteria for electricity bill by power companies without dropping voltage to maximize power saving.

How does it work?
This card creates a vibration, using a propriety energy system that is powerful enough to have an impact on the excess electrical spikes which are mainly responsible for the electricity wastage.
It uses a wave-generating chip which propels waves to regulate the shape of voltage and electricity waves, so that they resemble pure sine as much as possible, reducing heat and electrical current lost in cables without reducing voltage.

If we look at a graphical representation of power consumption in a circuit, this is what most people assume:

However, there are components of electrical energy that not effectively used by load devices, and this component energy (reactive power, electromagnetic radiation (EMR), etc.) is actually energy not consumed by the load device and is considered as Waste Energy (WE). The consumer pays for Total Energy In (TE), utilizing only Useful Energy/Used Energy (UE). ESC works by minimizing WE, so that you only pay for power that you actually use. In addition ESC works at cleaning up unhealthy emissions in the form of EMR.

It helps to regulate 'power factor', stabilizing your electrical system and making the voltage constant. ESC helps to reduce spikes and power surges, and eliminates excess voltage hazardous to electrical appliances from external sources or lightning. It also regulates the flow of electrical current and solves the problem of drops in destination voltage.

The Concept of Electricity Saver Card (ESC™)
As any electrical engineer can tell us, the Total Energy in the electrical wiring system consists of Used Energy and Waste Energy. Through the proprietary wave technology within the ESC™ - Waste Energy in the form of electro-magnetic radiation is compressed and minimized. In a before and after Experiment an elector smog meter detected a reduction in the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) as well as the electromagnetic field (EMF).

The Solution
The vibration in this card has the ability to compress the excess electricity within the wiring system for a more efficient usage.

    Performance Indicators :
  • Decay rate : 90.3%
  • Protective band (MHz) : 300MHz -1GHz electromagnetic wave absorbing effect of changes in the data set based on the role of frequency bands DMA800GSM900, DCS800, 3G, and PHS1900.
  • Coverage range : 50-80 cm around the card
  • Absorption rate : 93.6%

 5th Generation ESC™ embedded with Crystal!

The use of Crystals to mitigate Electro-magnetic Radiation
Crystals have been used by many researchers all over the world to mitigate the effects of electro-magnetic radiation. Researchers in the field of electromagnetic radiation have been using a mixture of crystals to reduce EMF.
As an example, an invention from Germany was created using crystals to reduce electro-magnetic radiation. An application was made to a German Utility Patent 201 03 737. This patent refers to a process for lowering the influence of devices generating electromagnetic fields on humans. It is hereby suggested to use a mixture of semiprecious stones and precious stones or crystalline minerals, whereby hematite is suggested as one of the materials and rock crystal is suggested as another one.

Product based on the German patent
DE 43 17 884 A1 refers to a device for neutralizing or shielding the human body from harmful environmental influences. Here a mineral such as crystal quartz in a non-metallic body is used. DE 33 25 507 A1 describes an arrangement for the interference suppression of pathogenic areas of irritation with layers of graphite as well as quartz crystal.
CH 687 478 A5 describes an element for screening Earth radiation and rising moisture in a brick wall providing a receptacle that consists of an easily electrically conducting material, wherein said receptacle is filled with granular material. Here e.g. quartz sand can be used.

Publication number: US8313753 B2
Publication type: Grant
Application number: 10/486,197
Publication date: Nov 20, 2012
Filing date: Aug 19, 2002
Priority date: Aug 21, 2001

 ESC™ Installation at Factory
  1. Comparisons be made between the previous year bill and current year bill for the months concern. During festive holidays factories will normally have longer holidays and electricity consumption will be low. Holidays that may result so are during the CNY, Hari Raya, Christmas,New Year Holidays. Public holidays has less effect because they are just one day. However where electric consumption can amount to thousands a day then that has to be taken into consideration too.
  2. Nature of operation of the factory. How many lines were running and how many hours and shifts were there ? Sometimes current year or the previous year's month may experience either low operations due to demand of their products. This is one area where one seriously have to look into.
  3. Compare on a previous and current basis taking into consideration the number of shifts or hours of operation and the number of lines in operation. Then and there will you have a fairer comparison.
  4. Other factors to consider are:

    • Weather whereby one may experience higher consumption during hot weather
    • In an office, shop, grocery. mini market. The level of activity can also affect consumption
    • Number of persons going in and out of the premise whereby door is open and shut continuously

    The temperature and activity factor was highlighted by SETSCO Singapore.

 Universal Life Force Energy

This future force energy was originally discovered by James Clerk Maxwell in the mid 1850's. Maxwell was a theoretical physicist and mathematician who was born in Scotland in 1831 and his discovery was a new form of energy technology. Once Maxwell had discovered the existence of this energy, Nikola Tesla - a Yugoslavian mathematical and mechanical engineer - then worked to prove and demonstrate its existence in 1856. Tesla referred to this force energy as standing energy or universal waves and he was able to collect it without the use of any cables and wires. This energy on the other hand is a static, stationary energy that has no frequencies and cannot be measured in Hertz like electro-magnetic waves. It is a very special and unique type of energy and only now are we beginning to understand its importance and possibilities.

Although only discovered within the last 150 years, this force energy has existed since the beginning of time. The energy is found within in the vacuum of empty space, ranging anywhere from the empty atmosphere in the earth, to the small spaces between your bodily cells. In nature, it can be found in desolate hills, rain forests and is generated by crashing ocean waves. Thankfully, we now have a better understanding and knowledge and this force energy is rising to the surface. This product is a new functional material absorbs electromagnetic waves is a combination of high energy materials and rare natural composition of mineral. The principle is to add in the polymer medium electromagnetic loss substance, the use of the principle of electromagnetic energy conversion heat and rely on hysteresis loss, remanence loss, domain wall resonance, eddy current loss, resonant loss and rely on electronic media, the interface polarization absorption of radiation attenuation to eliminate it in the card to card to form a weakened plane as the center area of electromagnetic waves, which play a protective role of electromagnetic radiation. Principle similar to the stealth aircraft coating. It is the metal shield on the market is essentially different product, with a frequency bandwidth, thin, strong absorption capacity, convenience, light weight and other characteristics, is a real sense of absorption of electricity and high-tech products to eliminate radioactive contamination and non-use waves that increasing heat level.

At the same time continuous release of negative ions can reach 3000-5000 per cubic centimeter, negative ions and static electricity and electromagnetic radiation generated in the positive and eliminate radiation hazards to ensure stabilization. This product can block and eliminate of all non-use electric waves. It does also can block the elimination of all electric generation low-frequency/IF/7-band high-frequency and other electromagnetic radiation for home and work environment.

 How to install ESC™
 Peel off the cover of the sticker behind ESC™.
 Place ESC™ on the cover of the DB/Fuse box in the position as shown.


 ESC™ recommendation usage:
 Average every RM750 electricity usage = 1 pc.
 Average every RM3,000 electricity usage = 1 pc ESC BIG.

 DO NOT place ESC™ on the METER.
 DO NOT place ESC™ INSIDE the DB/Fuse box.

 Malaysia Trademark Application
 SIRIM QAS International (Standards & Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia)
 Suruhanjaya Tenaga Malaysia
 Malaysian Nuclear Agency
 Documents from Taiwan
 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it an offence to use it?
It is an offence to tamper with the meter. However, similar to other electricity saving devices, like electricity saving bulbs, that are widely used after the meter, it is not an offence.

Is it harmful to health?
No, instead it helps to reduce the harmful e-smog.

Will it attract lightning?
No, it is not conductive.

I have an existing electricity saver, can I still use this product together with my existing device?
Yes, there is still some savings.

Is it for single or 3 phase wiring system?
It is suitable for both.

 Testimonies & References


 The biggest paper industry in Asia is consuming more than 10 Million RMB electricity
 every month is now testing our ESC in China. Within 5 minutes, power meter drops from
 132 to 124, SAVE 8%! Few millions RMB every month, pictures shows and proven.


 Total savings up to RM22,600 !! Serway Supermarket, Kota Kinabalu.

 Average usage from January 2014 until July 2014 is RM6,422.16/month.
 After installing ESC, average usage per month is RM5,499.91 !!
 From: Dr.Cafe, Solaris Mont' Kiara.



Real-time Test with kWh Meter
Electricity usage readings based on a single door fridge.

Real-time demonstration of Magnectic Wave Reading

Download EMF Meter App for your smartphone!

iPhone/iPad/iPod (iOS)       Samsung/HTC & etc. (Android)


DownloadESC™ Testimonies
Print (.pdf)

Installation at
Steamboat Restaurant, KL.
  Installation at
Ice-Cream Kiosk, KL.
  Installation at
Warehouse, KL.
Installation at Factory,
Kuala Lumpur.
  Installation at Factory,
  Installation at Stone Quarry,
Rawang, Selangor.
Installation at Kuala Pilah,
  Installation at Masjid Tanah,
  Installation at Puchong,
Installation at Penang.   Installation at Factory.   Installation at Bt. Mertajam,
Installation at Workshop,
  Installation at Coffeeshop,
  Installation at Juru,
Seberang Prai.
Installation at Tambun,
  Installation at Workshop,
  Installation at Tambun,
Installation at Factory.   Installation at Shop,
  Installation at Hotel,
Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Installation at Supermarket,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

ESC™ Activities in China!

ESC™ Launching in China!

ESC™ Customers
PT Sumpratama Juru Engineering, Jakarta   Wonderland Club Disco, Sadao   Meadow Wood S/B, Rawang
Delimax S/B, Penang   Cosway, Kuchai LAma   Petronas fuel station
Marry Brown, Alor Setar   PapaRich, Chang Lun   Woodpac S/B, Gurun
Seng Yip Furniture   DELL HQ, Penang   MPKj, Kajang
Mydin Supermarket   Aneka Supermarket



CitiDirect International is offering 5 months Buy Back Guarantee to consumers for our Electricity Saver Card (ESC™) under the following terms and conditions as below:

  1. ESC™ is selling at USD250/pc.
  2. You are required to install the ESC™ within 3 weeks from the purchase date.
  3. Submit past five (5) months electricity bills (average bill usage will be taken as consumption/month).
  4. Take a photo of installation picture.
  5. Email items (3) and (4) to mail@citidirect.com.my.
  6. If the copies of electricity bills cannot be delivered within the time specified above, any replacement request will not accept by company.
  7. You are not allowed to peel off the sticker cover behind ESC™ during the 5 months guarantee period, please refer to image as shown.

  8. Once proven no reduction in electricity bills during the next five (5) months after installation of ESC™, email us the electricity bills and we will refund the amount to you.
  9. Once the company approved the refund, you'll be notified by email and you are required to return the ESC™ card to the company.
  10. A handling and delivery charges of USD100 will be imposed.
  1. Once the refund is paid to you, your membership will be discontinued.
  2. You can reinstate your Distributorship by re-purchase another set of other product to re-qualify as a Distributor.

} back to Top

* Terms & Conditions applied *

Endorsement Letter to YiShouJin, Beijing

DownloadESC™ Presentation
(Powerpoint Show/.pps)

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